free cleaning services for cancer patients

Our mission is to help relieve the stress associated with cancer treatment by providing free cleaning services to men, women, and parents of children undergoing treatment for cancer in Schenectady, Saratoga & Albany Counties. Studies have shown that the reduction of everyday stress in a Cancer patient’s life while undergoing treatment can reduce their recovery. It is also very important for cancer patients to have a clean, germ free environment to reduce the risk of infection. Our service provides compassionate care and support to relieve a patient’s and their family’s burden associated with the upkeep of a home.


“Simplifying Lives has made our lives so much easier as our 18 month old daughter battles cancer! Constantly running back and forth to the hospital, while trying to take care of our three girls, takes a lot of our time. Having our house cleaned not only gives us more time to dedicate to helping Ayven beat cancer, but it also helps us to make sure our house is clean and disinfected when her immune system is so low!”  From Kim, who’s daughter had cancer

“I will never forget when Simplifying Lives showed up at the door after my 9 year old son, Ben passed away.  Our household was in a funk after his passing.  They swept through the house cleaning every surface.  I quietly walked up stairs and stopped in my tracks as 2 of them were going through the shelves in my sons room.  Carefully dusting each trinket and trophy on the shelves.  Tenderly picking up and wiping them off like they were fragile, priceless pieces of art.  They were quietly talking to each other about being “honored” to do what they were doing.  Having these angels in our home just that once helped us heal a little and get back on track after a devastating loss.”   From Tim,  who’s son had cancer 

“Having Simplifying Lives show up and offer to clean our home has been a life saver. Dealing with cancer is full time. Knowing that someone would work with our hectic schedule and clean our home — keeping it free from germs was amazing. It was one less thing I had to do or worry about.”  From Shelly, who’s daughter had cancer


  • Simplifying Lives, for a cause is the only non-profit organization in the capital region that provides free cleaning and organizing to men, women, and parents of children undergoing treatment for cancer.
  • Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy are more likely to get an infection. For these people, any type of infection may become serious quickly. It is very important for these patients to have a clean, germ free environment.
  • It costs around $70 for a professional cleaning which includes trained and paid cleaning professionals for 4 hours, cleaning products, insurance, and all other cleaning expenses.  The Cleaning company provides these cleanings at cost.
  • We help local families with 4 free cleanings on a monthly schedule.
  • We depend on donations from people and businesses in the community, without their support we couldn’t continue to help patients.

Chrissy Cavotta, Fly 92, Nicole Wilson, Founder of Simplifying Lives, Benita Zahn, WNYT, & Brian Cody, Fly 92 (left to right)

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