There is no better feeling than coming home from work to a clean home that was cleaned just for you!  Just imagine being able to take the weekend off from house work to relax!  This is the scenario many homeowners are able to do with the help of a house cleaning service!  That being said, inviting strangers into your home can also be a very scary thought.

As an owner of a commercial and residential cleaning company for the last 11 years there is a lot I have learned about things you should know about any person or company working in your home (or office).  Below you will find a list of things you should know or do before hiring a house cleaning service.

  •  Ask your friends if they use a cleaning service and if they would recommend them.  What better recommendation is this!
  • Search House Cleaning Companies in your area.
  • Look up the reviews of these companies on Facebook.  Facebook is one of the best tools you can use to get to know a company.  Some companies may not have Facebook, so you can search on other engines like google, etc.
  • Ask the Company if they are insured and conduct background checks.
  • Research to see how long the company has been in business for.  Newer businesses don’t have as many reviews, cleaning techniques, and their employees are also new.
  • Ask about house cleaning products.  Does the company supply them, or you?  Are they pet safe?  Do they kill germs?  Do you have any allergies to products that you don’t want used?
  • Make sure to have a working vacuum cleaner in your home.  Most companies have their own vacuums, but don’t forget how many homes those vacuums have been used in!  Vacuums can hold mites, allergens, and mold.
  • Find out if the house cleaning company guarantees their work, and if they miss something would they come back to correct the issue? (most companies would need to know this within 24 hours).
  • Does the company have a quality control procedure?  Does the team check each other’s work, is there a Team Leader present at every job, does a manager from the company come to conduct random quality checks?
  • Does the company have employees that have been there for more than a year?  Longevity shows that there are experienced cleaners, and the company they work for treats their employees well which will show in their quality work.
  • Don’t forget that cheaper isn’t always better.  You usually pay for what you get.  More expensive companies probably pay their staff better, may have benefits, and use quality products to get the job done.

If you decide to hire a maid or housekeeper (not a service) you will need to pay taxes (social security, etc) and claim this. Also, if anything gets broken or damaged in the home you would have to turn this into your home owners insurance.

There are many advantages to using a house cleaning service for your home.  Not only will you come home to a clean house, but you will have peace of mind!