Trying to keep your bathroom organized?  Imagine this… 

You’ve been looking forward to a hot bath all day.  Finally the time comes, you sneak upstairs, put on your favorite robe, stroll into the bathroom and trip over a pair of jeans and step on a squeaky toy to get your balance.

It’s time to retake control of your bathroom.  Start with a few basics to keep your bathroom organized and the rest will fall into place.

  1. Organize the medicine cabinet – toss anything that is expired, toss anything you don’t use
  2. The medicine cabinet should be for the items you use the most.
  3. Organize hair products
  4. Organize your makeup.  Don’t use that color anymore?  Toss it out.  Makeup does have a shelf life.
  5. Reclaim the space over your toilet – a decorative shelf can add storage space without making the bath feel crowded.
  6. Find some decorative jars or boxes to store items out of site
  7. Use a shower caddy
  8. Take a look at pinterest for some fun bathroom organization ideas
  9. Don’t want to worry about your bathroom?  Give us a call, we will clean it for you.