Fairly soon we will be hosting guests for holiday celebrations.  Whether you host 6 or sixty people here is a holiday cleaning checklist to make your life a little easier.

Make sure you have scheduled your holiday cleaning with Life Maid Simple (you know we had to include that, right?)

Cleaning list for day the day before guests arrive

  • Wipe down mirrors in the bathroom with a microfiber cloth
  • Wipe down all faucets
  • Wipe down all kitchen appliances
  • Wipe down cabinet doors
  • Give the bathrooms a quick antibacterial spray and wipe down the sink and toilet
  • Look over the outside entrance of your house.  Sweep any cob webs, leaves, etc away from the area
  • Make sure outside lights work and your entry path is free of debris

Cleaning list for the day of your party:

  • De-clutter the entrance way
  • Create a space for coats
  • De-clutter main living areas:  living room, dining room, kitchen, etc
  • Give the kitchen floor a quick sweep or mop
  • Make sure the sink and dishwasher are emptied – this gives you an empty dishwasher to start your party with
  • Vacuum the main carpeted areas, especially if you have pets
  • Give the floors a quick washing
  • Put fresh towels and an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.  Take a quick look around to make sure all surfaces still look clean
  • Put the used kitchen towels in the wash and lay out some new ones before guests arrive
  • Get any stray items out of the kitchen an into their proper place.

Before guests arrive you may want to set the mood by lighting some candles and playing music.  Battery operated candles are a good alternative if you are concerned with having flames around too many people.  Most battery operated candles do not have scents, but they do look pretty.  Another lighting tip is an empty wine bottle and a small string of battery operated lights.  Bottles with various colors offer a different ambiance, so find colors that work for you.